Phi Sigma Kappa offers many different ways to become involved in the GT campus community


One of Phi Sigma Kappa’s Cardinal Principles is to stimulate scholarship.

“Wisdom comes with learning. Complementing the mission of higher education, we seek to help our members to combine formal and informal learning experience; to more fully appreciate the importance of both theoretical and practical knowledge; and, by broadening their understanding of human relationships, to produce men of wisdom who will be better prepared to make positive contributions to society and all mankind.”

The Georgia Tech chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa seeks to embody this principle through various programs and tools designed to assist and encourage brothers and associates to perform to the fullest extent of their academic abilities. Mandatory study hours for associates ensure that despite the time commitment pledging entails, associates still have time to attend to their duties as students.

In addition to official programs and tools, older brothers are always accessible for tutoring, help, or advice. Our wide range of majors helps to ensure that associates and underclass brothers can find someone who has already gone through the same experiences and classes and can offer valuable insight.

Overall, Phi Sig provides the tools and the means to succeed academically and actively promotes an environment that stimulates scholarship.


As a fraternity, we feel that we are in an unique position to focus the energies of many young men to make a positive impact in our community. As a result, Phi Sigma Kappa participates actively in various philanthropy events around campus and the Atlanta area. Recently, brothers helped worked to create new green space around the city through Trees Atlanta and helped tutor K-12 students in the Atlanta area through Boys and Girls Club. Additionally, our chapter regularly participates in Relay for Life, an event that works to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Nationally, Phi Sigma Kappa’s official philanthropic organization is the Special Olympics, and many of our philanthropic events throughout the semester are focused on helping this organization. In the fall we host our Carving for a Cause event and in the spring we host our annual Pig Jig.

As a brotherhood, one of our cardinal principles is to develop character and we believe that this ideal has a strong connection to philanthropy. In order to develop character, brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa share their time and resources with those in need. We promote the idea that brothers should find an organization that they are passionate about and make a deep impact with that organization.

Social Life

Phi Sigma Kappa participates in many social events on campus throughout the year. Sorority mixers and socials help brothers and associates to meet new people in a fun environment. Other parties such as our Christmas Party, the “South of the Border” party, and the Phi Sig Yacht Club party (in addition to others) attract students throughout the school year and allow Phi Sigs to take a small break from the rigorous academics of Georgia Tech.

In addition to Phi Sig hosted events, brothers also participate in various activities that allow us to hang out with other Greek students. Pick-up volleyball games on weekends are a regular event, and organized intramurals, including co-ed intramurals, let brothers meet other Greeks in a more competitive atmosphere.

Besides on-campus events, Phi Sig hosts several annual events off campus. Mountain Weekend and Semi-Formal in fall are opportunities for brothers and associates to ask dates to join them for a weekend of fun and bonding. In the spring, we have our annual Formal. Formal is a huge event, and all the brothers bring dates with them to spend the weekend at a location usually out of the state. Previous Formal locations have included New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah, and Nashville.

Finally, tail-gating before Georgia Tech football games provides a great opportunity for brothers and associates to get together for a day of relaxation and fun before attending the game to cheer on the Yellow Jackets. It also lets us meet various alumni that come to meet younger brothers. Every year, Phi Sig reserves a block of seats in the North Endzone for brothers and associates, and everyone has a great time watching the game.