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How to join once rush starts:

1.  Create a Zoom account

2.  Download the Zoom desktop client

3.  Click the "Click Here" button

4.  When prompted to enter your email, enter the email       associated with your Zoom account

COVID-19 Update:

Following the guidance of Georgia Tech IFC, the city of Atlanta, and the CDC, Fall 2020 Rush will be held in a hybrid format. Rush will take place over the course of six days, from August 12th to August 17th. For the first three days, all prospective new members will be placed in rotating breakout rooms on Zoom to allow them to have meaningful experiences with as many brothers as possible. For the latter half of rush, Zoom sessions will continue as normal, but we will also extend invitations to a socially distant in-person session. Please continue to bear with our chapter as we try to curate the best possible rush experience during this uncertain time.


Rush is one of the most important events we hold every year. It is where we recruit the next candidates for our brotherhood. At Phi Sig, we push you to succeed academically and socially while providing balance to the demanding environment of Georgia Tech.

We are happy to announce the creation of the Phi Sigma Kappa – Kappa Deuteron Chapter Scholarship! This $500 scholarship is available to the young men entering Georgia Tech in the Fall of 2020, and there is no obligation to join our fraternity.  


825 Techwood Drive NW
Atlanta, GA 30313 


President Ethan Cain
Phone: 404-353-0333


Scholarship Application
National Organization Webpage 
Georgia Tech IFC Webpage

Recruitment Chair Tyler Holt 
Phone: 678-603-8233