During each year, chapters compete for the coveted Herbert L. Brown Outstanding Chapter Award. Criteria encompasses all areas of chapter operations, including manpower, scholarship, community service, alumni relations, financial operations, campus involvement, Grand Chapter involvement and special projects.

The first chapter to be so honored this year has taken huge steps to ensure that its member’s fraternal experience is an ongoing process throughout the four years as an undergraduate and continues on after graduation. The chapter created “mini events,” which are small brotherhood events once a week that allow brothers to bond intentionally, rather than solely through social events. It has also built a mental health program to address the needs of any brother. The chapter hosts speakers on suicide prevention and depression, in an attempt to break down any stigmas regarding mental health. 

The chapter has an increased focus on its risk management practices and hosts a Bystander Intervention Training for all of its members. The chapter’s members also obtained a 3.63 GPA, its highest ever. During the associate member Good Samaritan project, the associate members selflessly helped to package and organize food at a local food bank. 

This quote from the chapter’s awards packet sums up their vision and dedication: “Fraternities are not outstanding because they raise the most philanthropy dollars or because they have the biggest name on campus, because the fraternity experience is not something that can be easily penned on paper. Fraternities are outstanding when the experience they provide their members is one of continual growth beyond the individual; an experience where members learn how to be a better man, how to build a model organization, and how to give back to those that come after you.

In July of 2023, members of the Kappa Deuteron chapter were extremely proud to be awarded with Outstanding Chapter Awards in Campus Involvement, Membership Experience, Community Service, Scholarship, and Recruitment. Additionally, our chapter advisor, Len Gailes, was presented with Outstanding Chapter Advisor.

The Grand Chapter is extremely pleased to present the 2020 Herbert L. Brown Outstanding Chapter award to the Kappa Deuteron Chapter at Georgia Institute of Technology. In addition, the Kappa Deuteron Chapter received the President's Special Achievement Awards for Risk Management, Philanthropy, Associate Education, and Member Involvement during the 2021 Awards cycle.


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